Cloud Implementations

The Amaze Cloud Platform supports deployment of both Public and Private cloud configurations to meet the demand of most business requirements.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is the most common type of cloud computing deployment. The Public Cloud operates within the Amaze Cloud Platform and shares the same hardware, software and network with other organisations or users. The shared resources are partitioned and isolated in a secure way between users, while the performance of individual cloud components is being managed by us.

In addition to scalability, performance, reliability and security, the biggest advantage of public cloud reflects in the lower usage costs due to the economies of scale derived from a shared environment.

Private Cloud

A Private or Dedicated Cloud offers resources exclusively used by a single organisation. A Private Cloud deployment provides an isolated networking, compute and storage environment which results in inherent increased security and performance. Private Cloud users benefit from increased flexibility and control which makes this service ideal for organisation requiring a customised service with dependable performance.

The difference to your Business

Enhanced Security – dedicated, physically isolated network, compute and storage layers

Performance – the dedicated resources for your business provide advantages over shared public cloud resources

Absolute Control – deploy applications faster with on-demand, self-service access to infrastructure

Optimised – customise dedicate networking, storage and compute resource to best suit your application needs

Hybrid Cloud Support

The Amaze Cloud Platform has been specifically designed to support hybrid cloud integration for on-premise, public or private cloud. The Cloud Exchange (CloudIX), Cloud2Cloud and Cloud2Office high-speed FastFiber network connectivity facilitates seamless deployment interconnection and provides a low-latency, cost-effective cloud integration.