Cloud Servers

Fast, easy and scalable cloud servers

Customise your own cost-effective, application-optimised high performance machines using a scalable pool of virtual datacentre resources or deploy a ready-packaged server instance in seconds from our General Purpose virtual machine packages.

Complete control

  1. Select a pre-configured cloud server template or customise a complete server instance optimised for your application.
  2. Deploy instances from existing templates or custom ISO images and configure IP, networking and security services.
  3. Attach storage suitable for your application – high performance, general purpose, local or backup volumes.
  4. Manage your instance – start / stop / terminate and monitor your cloud servers. Pay only for what you need when you need it.

Instance types

The Amaze Cloud Platform currently provides several families of instance types catering for the economy (development & testing), general purpose and high-performance workload types.

Economy Range (E1) Instances

The E1 instance type is suitable for development, testing and small to moderate workloads.

Below is the entry-level wholesale pricing for E1 instances. Additional discounts apply for higher-usage tiers.

InstancevCPURAMStorageInclusionsPrice ex. GST
E1.Micro11101 IP, 50GB Data$16
E1.Mini12201 IP, 100GB Data$21
E1.Small14501 IP, 200GB Data$30.50
E1.Medium281001 IP, 500GB Data$57
E1.Large4162001 IP, 1000GB Data$109
E1.ExtraLarge8323001 IP, 2000GB Data$198
General Purpose (G2) Instances

The G2 instances provide balanced compute and memory resources able to handle moderate to high production loads. G2 cloud server instances are a good choice for most applications.

Below is the entry-level wholesale pricing for G2 instances. Additional discounts apply for higher-usage tiers.

Instance vCPU RAM Storage Inclusions Price ex. GST
G2.Mini 1 2 20 1 IP, 100GB Data $24
G2.Small 1 4 50 1 IP, 200GB Data $34
G2.Medium 2 8 100 1 IP, 500GB Data $64
G2.Large 4 16 200 1 IP, 1000GB Data $123
G2.XL 8 32 300 1 IP, 2000GB Data $226
G2.2XL 16 64 400 1 IP, 3000GB Data $407
G2.3XL 32 128 500 1 IP, 4000GB Data $744
CPU and Memory Optimised Instances

The standard compute instance configurations we offer are simply cost-optimised server configuration templates used by most applications. Both E1 and G2 instance types support custom configurations under our Virtual Data Center product (VDC), which is an integral part of the Amaze Cloud Platform. Depending on your application needs, you can custom configure your own instance and add as much memory or CPU as you need. For example, you can create an E1 instance with 2 CPUs and 64GB RAM, or a G2 instance with 32 CPUs and 4GB RAM.