• Equinix (SY4)
  • Amaze DC (WTL)

Equinix SY4 is a word-class enhanced Tier-3 datacentre in Sydney.


  • Access to 280+ cloud providers (includes direct connection to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute and Oracle Cloud) via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™
  • Equinix Internet Exchange is the largest network peering platform in the Australian market
  • Access market participants and financial services providers, including Chi-X and Bloomberg, as well as Sydney's growing electronic payments industry
  • Located very close to subsea cable stations, facilitating global connectivity for the financial services community


  • Fire Suppression: VESDA, smoke and heat detectors, double-interlocked pre-action sprinklers (dry pipe)
  • Power and Cooling
    • Density: 3.0 - 5.0 kVA per cabinet
    • Utility Feeders: 2
    • UPS Configuration: Block redundant
    • UPS Redundancy: N+1
    • Standby Power Configuration: Phase 1 (4 x MVA generators) and Phase 2 (4 x 3.0 MVA generators)
    • Standby Power Redundancy: N+1
    • Cooling Configuration: Indirect Evaporative Cooling Air Handling Units (IDEC) serving white space and UPS switch rooms
    • Cooling Redundancy: N+l


  • Physical: Perimeter fence and gate, mantrap
  • Human: 24x7 onsite security officers
  • Electronic: Biometric readers (in common areas), biometric readers (optional), speedstiles with biometric 2-factor authentication, CCTV surveillance with 30-day retention, motion detection


  • ISO 27001
  • SOC1 Typell
  • SOC 2 Typell


Our Sydney Data Centre is a Tier-3  facility running on high speed redundant Internet connections, temperature and humidity control, back up power supplies, water detection systems, and security controls guarantee continuous operation and is well equipped to handle any application or data requirement. 

The Amaze DC is also connected by dark fibre with the largest data centres in Sydney, and is able to offer superb, resilient, no fuss colocation and offsite data storage at gigabit speeds.


  • Under ISO27001 certification
  • Raised computer room flooring
  • Multiple UPS Systems
  • Backup Diesel Generator
  • Dark Fibre Connectivity
  • Fire Protection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Rack Mount Equipment
  • Desktop Equipment
  • Device Monitoring
  • Load Balancing
  • Tape Rotation and Offsite
  • Storage
  • Online Data Backup
  • Remote Hands