Entry-level Pricing

Amaze offers great value for all of our wholesale partners. Our discounts are based on your volume monthly spend.

This Entry-Level Pricing is the stepping stone for partners who wish to make use of the Amaze Cloud Platform and build their business so that they can enjoy the benefits of our tiered wholesale program.

Already spending more than $1000 per month on Cloud service? Go straight to our Wholesale Pricing.

Economy Range (E1) Instances

The E1 instance type is suitable for development, testing and small to moderate workloads.

InstancevCPURAMStorageInclusionsPrice ex. GST
E1.Mini12201 IP, 100GB Data$37.60
E1.Small14501 IP, 200GB Data$60
E1.Medium281001 IP, 500GB Data$116
E1.Large4162001 IP, 1000GB Data$227
E1.ExtraLarge8323001 IP, 2000GB Data$431
General Purpose (G2) Instances

The G2 instances provide balanced compute and memory resources able to handle moderate to high production loads. G2 cloud server instances are a good choice for most applications.

InstancevCPURAMStorageInclusionsPrice ex. GST
G2.Mini12201 IP, 100GB Data$37.60
G2.Small14501 IP, 200GB Data$60
G2.Medium281001 IP, 500GB Data$116
G2.Large4162001 IP, 1000GB Data$227
G2.XL8323001 IP, 2000GB Data$431
G2.2XL16644001 IP, 3000GB Data$811
G2.3XL321285001 IP, 4000GB Data$1543
Virtual Data Center Components

The VDC resources provide the ability to custom-build optimised cloud server configuration tailored specifically to your workloads.

VDC ComponentPrice ex. GST
vCPU (E1)$15
vCPU (G2)$18
RAM (GB)$12
Storage (T1)$0.22
Storage (T2)$0.18
Storage (T3)$0.12
Storage (T4)$0.07
IP (public, v4)$5
Bandwidth (outbound GB)$0.10