Multi-cloud implementations

Multi-cloud strategy: The way of the Future

The use of multiple cloud providers to power IT infrastructure, platform or software as a service implementations is increasingly considered the superior strategy for deploying cloud applications.

When leveraging multiple clouds, you can choose workloads which are most suitable for each cloud – in terms of purpose, performance, governance or cost. This distributed cloud architecture across multiple cloud vendors also comes with the additional inherent advantage of supporting redundancy and disaster recovery features not previously available to single cloud provider deployments.

Amaze: The ideal Australian multi-cloud partner

Leverage the performance, cost savings and local governance provided by Amaze combined with the seamlessly integrated inter-cloud connectivity (CloudIX) the purposely-built Amaze cloud network has to offer.

Cloud + Network: The Australian multi-cloud backbone

The Amaze Cloud Platform (ACP) is a purpose-built powerful, scalable and resilient infrastructure powering enterprise class application throughout their life-cycle – from development to production.

ACP has been specifically designed to support hybrid or multi-cloud integration for on-premise, public or private cloud. The Cloud Exchange (CloudIX), Cloud2Cloud and Cloud2Office high-speed FastFiber network connectivity facilitates seamless deployment interconnection and provides a low-latency, cost-effective cloud integration.