Virtual Data Center

A Virtual Data Center, often referred to as Datacenter as a Service (DCaaS) provides a comprehensive set of Cloud Resources which can be used by an organisation to custom-build and deploy server infrastructure. The most common Cloud Resources are Cloud Compute units (CPU, RAM), Storage and Networking (data/bandwidth).

There is a vast array of additional resources and services which add functionality and value to the Virtual Datacentre – security, load balancing and application services to name just a few. The Amaze Cloud Platform offers natively the Virtual Data Centre product alongside the Cloud Server product as consumable pay-per-use resources.

Cloud component prices

VDC Component Wholesale 1,000+ Wholesale 10,000+
vCPU (E1) $10 Inquire
vCPU (G2) $12 Inquire
RAM (GB) $8 Inquire
Storage (T1) $0.18 Inquire
Storage (T2) $0.15 Inquire
Storage (T3) $0.09 Inquire
Storage (T4) $0.05 Inquire
IP (public, v4) $5 Inquire
Bandwidth (outbound GB) $0.05 Inquire

Cloud Cost Optimiser (CCO)

The Cloud Cost Optimiser is a unique automated price reduction extension of our Wholesale program which enables additional cost-savings for your wholesale account. CCO automatically analyses the “Actual running costs” of all VDC instances that have been powered on for the duration of the entire billing month. The CCO formula takes into account the CPU utilisation together with the level of other VDC resources usage on your account. Furthermore, the CCO looks at how we have been able to optimise the running of your resources in the wider overall context of our platform. This can result in a potential saving of up to 25% which is then applied in form of monthly invoice service credits towards the payment your monthly bill.